I Want to Test Your Fast Grow Products! What Should I Do?

By William Alek

April 29th, 2018

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Company Creates Technology That Improves Efficiency Of Growing Cannabis

By William Alek

April 12th, 2018


Calculating First Grow Payback Using

One Bioenergy Disk per Plant
By William Alek

April 26th, 2018

Here is something to get really excited about especially when it means more money in your pocket! There is no better time to test Fast Grow Technology then giving us a call and ordering now! Are you starting your next grow cycle within a couple of weeks? Can you set aside some space in your grow room for testing? Clay pots, plastic pots, fabric pots, hydroponic buckets - they all work with our Fast Grow Bioenergy Disks. Our Disks are available for testing at a Deep Discount Price right now. Simply place your order and we'll promptly dropship your test Disks. Make sure you keep your test area isolated from your regular grow area because our technology produces a special field that interacts with the water and nutrients. A safe distance of three (3) feet or one (1) meter is preferable. If you're using hydroponic or aeroponic systems, you'll need to isolate your water/nutrient system flow from your regular grow area. For systems that use soil, simply place the Disk in the base of your pot or bucket. Then add small stones to the base. Add soil and plant your seeds. If you're using starter pot technology, transplant the seedlings into the larger pot. Add water and sunlight or LED lighting. Then start  Grow'n Fast!

But wait a minute, you're starting from seeds? Well, we have our Fast Grow Starter Pots to give that headstart in growth you're looking for. Simply add some small stones to the base of our Starter Pot, add soil, plant your seed, add water and sunlight or LED light and it's off to the proverbial races. Our Fast Grow Technology is built into the pot, that's right. Within a week or two, the seeds will sprout and they'll have that added edge in growth because our technology is continuously acting on that seed. Within five (5) weeks or less, the seedlings are ready for transplant into a larger pot.

Be sure to take pictures and show us the results! We have everything you need to get you off to a Fast Start to greater profits.

The number one business in America today is growing medicinal Cannabis. All these growers want to improve their yield from cannabis. They’re looking into sun light filtering, LED lighting systems, nutrients in the soil, types of soil, adding proper nutrients to the water, filtering the water, balancing ph, removing particulates, adding particulates, heating the air, cooling the air, adding CO2. But what about improving the efficiency of growing the plant? What if the plants used the same soil, the same amount of sun light, the same amount of water and the same amount of nutrients, but the plant using special technology developed at AuroraTek grew 50% faster with greater yield in less time? In other words, our technology improves the growing efficiency of the plant! Sounds impossible right? At AuroraTek, we make the impossible, possible, and we’re making this technology available to you, the grower TODAY. That’s right TODAY! Give Aurora a call at 480-474-4388 and find out how you can get more yield in less time, stay ahead of the competition, and let’s face it, you’ll make more money using the most advanced growing technology on planet Earth! You need that edge to keep pace with the fastest growing business in the USA, and at AuroraTek, we can give you that edge.

With a one time purchase, use our technology over and over again, growing season after growing season, year after year, and get the yields that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Time-Lapse Grow Cycle...

By William Alek

July 31st, 2018

Here's something to take a close look at...

By William Alek

May 13th, 2018

QUESTION: Hmmm, ~$300 for one Disk, isn't that expensive for growing one Cannabis plant?

ANSWER: No, it isn't! The payback is incredible. Here's how it works - when a Cannabis plant reaches maturity and is ready to harvest, the gross harvest dollar value of that plant is estimated at $4,000 (this price can vary depending upon different growing factors with estimates as high as $20,000 per plant). If we had a modest increase in growth with a higher yield of 25% (can be as high as 50%) by our Bioenergy Disk at the end of the first grow cycle, the extra dollar value would be 25% of $4,000, or an extra $1,000. This results in an overall harvest dollar value of $5,000 per plant. The extra $1,000 would easily cover the cost of the Bioenergy Disk (~$300) for that plant with the first grow. All subsequent growing cycles for the next ten (10) years where each Disk is rated for 10-years of continuous use, would essentially be paid for with no additional costs. Imagine that? All subsequent $1000 per grow cycle per plant would go right into your pocket! Greater yield, greater profits.

It's easy, just do the math?